Bonegasm - CD - no autograph

Bonegasm - CD - no autograph

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The trombone is an instrument that seems to attract a certain type of practitioner. Musicians who choose this particular horn as their passion tend to be open-minded, playful and, more often than not, extroverted. It shouldn’t be a surprise that bass trombonist Jennifer Wharton fits this description to a tee. Naturally, she takes her enthusiasm for the horn seriously and hopes to spread her joy to the public with her infectiously fun recording, Bonegasm.

Jen is regular in two of the best large ensembles in jazz, Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society and the Alan Ferber Big Band. Playing in these ensembles among many others over the years, Wharton discovered how brilliantly her favorite composers could write for bass trombone, allowing the bass trombone to separate from the trombone section in intriguing ways.

These developments led to her decision to create a band that would commission composers to write and arrange music for the often overlooked trombone and it “had” to be named Bonegasm. According to Wharton, a bonegasm is the overpowering joy that can only be accomplished through the experience of listening to trombonists. 

The pieces on Bonegasm are from arrangements done specifically for the release and works commissioned by Wharton for the ensemble, all by friends or husband Fedchock . The resultant compositions are ingenious in their approach to interplay between the trombones; Wharton is given space to really let her talent shine through on her bass trombone, which customarily gets treated in a supportive role to the bass.

Jennifer Wharton’s enthusiasm for her instrument and the music of her ensemble can easily be heard and felt on her recording Bonegasm, a joyful feeling that can’t be denied.


released February 1, 2019

John Fedchock - trombone
Nate Mayland - trombone
Alan Ferber - trombone
Jennifer Wharton - bass trombone, vocal
Michael Eckroth - piano
Evan Gregor - bass
Don Peretz - drums
Mauricio Herrera - percussion (1)